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Bilal Zubair Khan completed his YES year in Herndon, VA (2009-2010). During his exchange year, Bilal was incredibly active in his high school as a Swim Team spirit captain, International Club secretary, Cheerleading Team mascot, ROTC Seaman apprentice, and a cowboy in the high school musical 'Oklahoma'. Upon his return to Pakistan, Bilal continued his active participation as a YES alumni - even learning Indo-Pak sign language to help serve potential YES students with auditory disabilities. 

As an alumni, Bilal became fast friends with fellow alumni Baakh Nusrat (2008-2009) and Abdullah Syed (2006-2007). In June 2011, the three friends struck on a creative and exciting idea and launched KarachiTips. The wildly popular t-shirt company aims to promote the cultural uniqueness of Karachi through witty one-liner "tips" about life in the city of lights. The 'tips' shed a humorous light on various lifestyle  and trends in Karachi such as "City of lights, City off lights, love it either way". 

KarachiTips has since received significant national attention, from media coverage to over 36,386 likes on Facebook in less than a year. True to their YES experience, KarachiTips maintains a strong commitment to social responsibility, "we want to change mindsets of our people through cultural exchange as we want to bring our people closer together conversing in a single language of harmony" shares Bilal. Since its launch, KarachiTips has donated a significant amount of their profits to flood survivors; during the crisis, the group personally went to the affected areas to deliver medicine, clothes, and other items of need.

KarachiTips hopes to expand in the future and continue their mission to  bring social understanding to Karachi and make a difference in the lives of Pakistanis.  Check out their website at or like their page on Facebook.

See below for a great video, highlighting their journey!


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